How to improve your user experience?

How to improve your user experience?

An optimal User Experience is based on Neuromarketing. UX Experience means user experience. But let’s focus for a moment on the meaning of the word “experience”: to experience means to live a certain situation which actively affects you and changes the way you feel and act. The person who lived said experience will then be able to express whether they are satisfied or frustrated by the outcome, according to their expectations.

That is why an optimal User Experience can’t disregard a serious understanding of what people want and need and of how they think.

Let’s make an example: more often than not, we see the “design” of a car, a dress or any other item and think to ourselves that it is indeed “beautiful”. Then, when we get the opportunity to interact with the item, we realise that it is not as satisfying as we thought it would be: the reason may be the engine, the fabric or the lack of usability. In other terms, the experience makes it impossible to get to the final result: the conversion/purchase. If, conversely, you succeed in creating a product that is not only necessary but also irreplaceable just like a teddy bear is to a child then, you nailed it.

Companies need to figure out what the customers want in relation to a certain area, topic or sector. Only after having understood their unexpressed needs will it be possible for the company to present their offer to an audience that is willing to listen.

Designers and developers must listen to the customers’ needs and make sure that the audience’s necessities meet with the business goals of the companies.