More is a design agency which deals with brand identity

About us
There is a constant yearning for giving “more”, for improving. That is the same yearning that gave rise to More in 2001, when the founders, Simona Fava Luetto and Alessandro Pianca, made their experiences in large communication agencies converge in the communication factory project. To us graphics, fashion, design, literature and contemporary visual arts are knowledge, inspiration and instruments to brainstorm that translate into new patterns and projects. Creative research, originality in graphic expression and communicative efficiency are the milestone of a modus operandi which is based on the client’s exigencies and on analysis.


Inside the Big Bang with lateral thinking
Creativity is a process. The Big Bang is inevitable, one must enter it to activate mental and sensorial connections that are totally free. From the explosive dust of the chaos one rises with organization and extraordinary strategies that lead to brilliant ideas. This is the purpose.

Balance inclinations of your players
The success of a project depends on the talents that gave shape to it. Making a team means acknowledging the worth of each member, motivating them and reaching the contact point of their personalities, ensuring their free expression.

Your details are our special needs
Identity is uniqueness. It consists in the combination of irrepetible characteristics that constitute each person, agency, product, cause, service and project. Communicating in an efficient way what special features make you different means becoming a delectable desire for your public.


Because data are useful, you must have an acute reader

Competitor, Placement, Trends Analysis, Target, Signage,

Creativity is a process, not a product

Art Direction, Consultancy, Concept, Signage,

More Connection, More Engagement, More Social Power!

Advertising, App, Community Management, Digital Strategy, Planning, Social Media Marketing, Website,

aMORE at first sight

Design, Enviromental, Hexibition, Film & Video, Packaging, Print, Signage

Inside and Over Trends

Art Direction, Consultancy, Trends Analysis, Fashion Design, Pattern, Sample Book and Pattern Book,

The best part is finding out what makes you unique

Art Direction, Branding, Identity, Naming, Storytelling, Storydoing, Corporate, Company Profile, House Organ,

Meet your audience!

Advertising (traditional e 2.0.), Digital PR, Press Office, Unconventional Marketing, Guerrilla Marketing

Were we are

More is located in a loft inside one of the most fascinating expressions of the textile industrial architecture: the ex Lanificio Pria. The contemporary art gallery ZAION, which is part of the agency, is the most evocative sign of More’s artistic character and the transposition of its values: uniqueness, creativity and culture.

Salita di Riva 3,
ex Lanificio Pria (2nd Floor)
Biella, 13900 BI

   +39 015 20120

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